Simplest Uninstall Method for OutfoxTV

1. Run Uninstaller

You only need to do one of (a) (b) or (c) below.

a) Go to Start / All Programs / OutfoxTV / Uninstall

If you can’t see it in the All Programs list

b) Go to Start / Control Panel / Uninstall a Program and find OutfoxTV in the list, click on OutfoxTV, Click Change

If you can’t see the Program in either the above,

c) open Windows Explorer and look for C:/Program Files/OutfoxTV and double click the file named uninstaller.

Any of the above options will start the Uninstaller :


Click next >


The most recent version of the program contains the checkbox to “Remove outfox as homepage” - select the checkbox if you no longer want to retain a browser tab pointing to the website


After clicking Finish, restart your computer to delete remaining files.


2. IF UNABLE TO FIND OUTFOXTV or the uninstaller .exe file in any of the above options, the uninstaller must have been run previously, or the OutfoxTV folder has been deleted manually.

If the folder was deleted manually this will not have properly uninstalled the program. We suggest you reinstall the latest version of OutfoxTV downloadable from, then RUN THE UNINSTALLER as shown in Step (1).



Having run the uninstaller and restarted your PC, open a browser window.  If the homepage/tab is still showing to and you don’t want it there, you may have had the earlier version of the software which didn’t have the “Remove Outfox as homepage” option or failed to check the option when uninstalling.  In this case you’ll need to reset the browser manually.

Depending on which browser/s you use, manual reset instructions are here :

Firefox :
b) this Extension from Mozilla - a simply install that then removes itself after resetting the browser :

Internet Explorer :  (note the drop down selector at right to change version to IE 8/9/10 if you are not using the latest version 11    

Google Chrome :



Having run the above steps, OutfoxTV and browser settings should be successfully removed from your PC.

Please let us know if not, including the subject heading “PROGRAM STILL PRESENT” in your email, and we will escalate your query to Level 2 for further assistance in removal.